Terms of Use

Hello everyone, I'm Shinichiro Sakamoto, the developer of Irohabook. Before explaining the terms of use for MottoID, let me tell you about how MottoID came to be.

MottoID is an account system used for various websites and applications. Over the years, Irohabook became more complex and it became necessary to separate the account system. I also operate several other websites, and if I had to create an account authentication system for each application, I would never get enough sleep. Therefore, a common account system that can be used for all applications was needed, and that is MottoID.

As a result, MottoID specializes in the registration, management, and deletion of accounts.

The most important thing among the terms of use.

MottoID is a personal project of Shinichiro Sakamoto. Although there are many media and applications developed by Shinichiro Sakamoto, they are all personal projects.

Therefore, MottoID has stricter terms of use than typical web applications. MottoID will delete accounts that engage in fraudulent activities with services that are connected to MottoID. For example, a MottoID account that commits serious fraud on Irohabook will be promptly deleted.

Shinichiro Sakamoto developed MottoID based on the philosophy of creating a "happy internet world," and therefore, MottoID will also delete accounts that repeatedly post malicious content. Although this goes beyond the scope of the terms of use, there is a request for MottoID users. Please be aware that with your MottoID account, you should "respect others, wish for their happiness, and act in a way that makes everyone, including yourself and others, happy." This is the motto of MottoID.

Prohibited Activities

The use of MottoID for criminal or anti-social activities is strictly prohibited. Do not use MottoID accounts to engage in criminal acts, threats of criminal acts, or anti-social behavior with services that are connected to MottoID. This includes the following:

  • Discrimination based on race, religion, nationality, origin, gender, or physical characteristics
  • Acts of facilitating crimes or violence
  • Publicizing knowledge about dangerous drugs, poisonous substances, bombs, etc.
  • Advocating against international perspectives and measures taken by the Japanese government regarding COVID-19, vaccines, masks, etc.

Many websites operated by Shinichiro Sakamoto prohibit posting content related to COVID-19. Accounts that repeatedly make unfounded claims about COVID-19 and vaccines will be subject to deletion.

Change of MottoID Name

If MottoID is renamed, the terms of use for the service will be inherited from the terms listed on this page.

Termination of MottoID

MottoID and Shinichiro Sakamoto may terminate MottoID at any time. If MottoID is terminated, all accounts will be promptly deleted, and users will not be able to recover their account information.


MottoID and Shinichiro Sakamoto will not compensate users for any financial or social reputation loss resulting from the use of MottoID.

For example, if a user sends critical personal information to MottoID and the server is hacked or cracked, resulting in a data breach, MottoID and Shinichiro Sakamoto will not compensate the user.

Moreover, if the MottoID server is down, causing disruptions in users' economic activities, MottoID and Shinichiro Sakamoto will not compensate for the loss of opportunities.

If a user with a MottoID account engages in actions that harm third parties, the user is solely responsible for the consequences of their actions.